Fun Stuff . . .


Hi Everyone!

Everything that didn't fit under any other heading ended up here. I have some personal writing on this page, frequently asked questions, and links to activities/sites that I enjoy. I also have links to other artists who have inspired me with their own creativity and cleverness. So take a peek and enjoy!




Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ - Because you asked for it...


Artisan Links

Stick with Mary - Looking for a quirky and fun art adventure? Well, you'll find it at Mary Reynold's site. She is a functional artist, illustrator, and painter (and a truly wonderful person to know). Check out her fun animal and classic trailor series!

Gary Rith Pottery - Gary lives at the bottom of my mountain where he makes briliant and charming pottery! Check out his teapot collection! I've already got my eye on another one...


My Fun Links

Jason de Caires Taylor - This link could definately go under artisan links, but I've never met this artist and felt it would be better under my "fun links." Although "fun" might not be the best word. Jason's human sculptures both freak me out a little and amaze me. Either way, click on the link and I promise you won't be bored.