Contact Jolene . . .

Hello There!

The easiest way to contact me is to drop me a line at You can also contact me on Facebook or give me a call at 607-threefourtwo-74eighteight. (Sorry for the written version of my number, but I've had terrible spam over the last year!)

For a quick question, texting is the best method. I work with loud machinery, and it's easier for me to text you back without stopping all of my equipment. And, let's face it folks, I'm an artist and a bit of a hermit. Several of my regular customers know that it's best to leave a voicemail and then send me a text message reminding me to listen to my voicemails. :-)

And before I close, a gentle warning: I do not respond to spam, sales pitches, or "adult" messages. And why is that? Because it's totally not cool.

Thanks everyone!