About the Artist . . .

J.M. Lyon was born on Mt. Pleasant in Freeville, NY. She grew up exploring more than 100 J.M. Lyon acres of rich forest filled with streams, ponds, and abundant animal life. After being homeschooled each morning, J.M. could often be found clearing old trails or collecting kindlin wood for the home fire.

At thirteen-years-old, J.M. attended a local community college as one of the youngest attendees ever. Later, she transferred to Cornell University and earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Science.

It was quickly apparent after graduating from university that J.M. did not belong in the corporate world. Happy to be leaving cubicles, progress reports, and fax machine errors beind, she returned home and rediscovered her passion for woodworking.

J.M. Lyon is also an author, painter, kayaker, scuba diver, hiker, and an avid reader. She continues to live on Mt. Pleasant with her dog, three fat cats, and her mouse, Brisbey.